Carving out the time can be challenging in a parent's busy life, and planning activities with your child can be exhausting, given your workload or responsibilities. However, parent and child bonding benefits can result in a beautiful deepening of the relationship and hence plays a huge part in helping the child overcome fears, frustrations, and anxieties. Spending quality time with your child brings magic as a parent's attention shifts into their child's world.

Nature Kindred believes that family bonding helps to extend a child's teaching and learning experiences, resulting in better school performance and developing a child's social, emotional, and intellectual learning needs.

At Nature Kindred, we promote family bonding by building a stable and stronger familial bond rooted in love and support from parents and children.


在大自然親子館 认为,家庭纽带有助于延长孩子的教学和学习经验,从而提高学校表现并发展孩子的社交、情感和智力学习需求。